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Next year’s council administration in full #rdg #rdguk

Labour Press release follows, I’ll blog on how this affects me personally and my close colleague Mike Orton soon:

Reading Borough Council Leader Jo Lovelockhas announced the team who will lead the Labour Administration under the new committee system – a system she believes will enable more Councillors to get involved in developing policies to address the issues important to local residents.
Cllr. Lovelock says: “Firstly I’d like to thank the three Cabinet members who have decided not to continue as Lead Councillors:
·         Mike Orton, who has held many senior positions, including that of Leader of the Council, for over 30 years – Mike told me some time ago that he believes this is the right time for him to stand down from being a Lead Councillor. He will continue to be an active councillor for Whitley.
·         Marian Livingston, who it has already been announced will be next year’s Mayor.
·         Bet Tickner, who has worked hard on the handover of public health to the council, has told me she wants to focus on her role as the Council’s representative on the Royal Berkshire Hospital Trust as well as continuing her work as an active Abbey Ward councillor.
“The Labour group has elected a very strong team – a team that blends experience with new talent – to tackle all the difficult issues we are facing, particularly the continuing onslaught on local government by the Coalition Government nationally. We are very focussed on the need to protect the most vulnerable while finding creative ways to ensure the services all residents need and want are delivered as efficiently as possible. The way we do things is continually changing to meet that challenge, and I know the new system will enable us to give more Councillors the opportunity to use their talents to contribute to our wide ranging agenda.”
Following the Labour Group AGM on 29 April the following will be appointed at the Council’s formal AGM on 22  May:
·         Leader:  Jo Lovelock (who will also chair the Policy Committee)
·         Deputy Leader and Lead Councillor for Strategic Environment, Planning and Transport:  Tony Page
·         Lead  for Adult Social Care:  Rachel Eden
·         Lead  for Children’s Services and Families:  Jan Gavin
·         Lead  for Culture Sport and Consumer Services:  Paul Gittings
·         Lead  for Education:  John Ennis
·         Lead  for Health:  Graeme Hoskin
·         Lead  for Housing:  Richard Davies
·         Lead  for Neighbourhoods:  Liz Terry
The new Specialist Committees will be chaired as follows:
·         Adult Social Care, Children’s Services and Education: Chair:  Tony Jones, Vice-Chair:  Debs Edwards
·         Housing, Neighbourhoods and Leisure: Chair:  Sarah Hacker, Vice-Chair:  Kelly Edwards
·         Strategic Environment, Planning and Transport: Chair:  Chris Maskell, Vice-Chair:  Mohammed Ayub
Peter Jones will remain as Chair of Licensing Committee and Pete Ruhemann will remain as Chair of Planning Applications Committee.

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