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On the theme of farm animals…

… I am better from swine flu (if that was what it was).  Thank goodness, I can’t remember feeling so horrible for ages!

Secondly just a quick plug for this campaign.  I signed up to it last year and they’re having another push now.  “Chicken out” is an attempt to get supermarkets, the government and us as meat eaters to take some responsibility for the welfare what we eat. 

The downside is that chicken would cost more and I know that chicken is a big part of lots of people’s diet (I have one friend who I think more or less lives on chicken curry).  But the good thing about this campaign is that at the moment there is often a choice between very expensive organic chicken and very cheap intensive chicken.  Sometimes I can afford the organic chicken, but sometimes I want to buy chicken that’s had a ‘happy’ life but I’m not worried about it being organic.  This campaign goes towards that.
It’s also better for farmers as they would get a fairer price

The other problem as a consumer is that to be honest I don’t cook every meal from the start and if I buy a ready meal normally the meat is not happy meat.  Anyway as soon as you start to think about the conditions battery chickens are kept in it seems worth being more careful (I now tend to by veggie ready meals)

Ultimately I now eat less meat and pay more when I do.  It’s probably good for my waistline too.

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