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Practical handbook on heat pumps – aimed at social landlords

This will be of most interest to social landlords – whether councils or RSL/housing associations.  However if you are interested in this technology anyone can access the information. 
Council press release:
Social housing providers in Reading are being given access to a Reading Borough Council guide aimed at increasing the understanding and the uptake of renewable heating and cooling technology.

For the last two years the Council has been working on a Geo.power project to consider the development locally of renewable heating and cooling technology, known as Ground Source Heat Pumps. The Avenue Centre, which houses the Avenue School and Council office accommodation, is heated with a ground source heat pump.

The project was funded by the European Regional Development Fund Interreg IVC and key themes involved assessing the current situation in the Reading region, sharing examples of best practice with European partners, producing a proposed action plan, which has also been discussed with the Government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change, and finally writing a Practical Handbook for Social Housing providers.

Social housing landlords can now access that guide at 

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