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Project Postcode – guest blog

It may be election week but that doesn’t mean that Labour in Reading are not still delivering on our promise of working better with the community.  Marian Livingston Lead Councillor for Leisure, Culture and Sport, explains how Project Postcode and Reading borough council will be working together:
“This is an innovative educational film project which will use film, media and music to engage with young people aged 11-19 from diverse backgrounds.  Issues dealt with will include ASB, drug and alcohol awareness and knife crime.
Phase 1 is a workshop programme including acting, film and camera work, script writing, costume, makeup and set building.  Taster workshops have already taken place to encourage applicants.  These workshops are led by a talented team including Hollywood actors and award winning script writers and film producers.
Phase 2 will be making a short film using the skills developed through the workshops and phase 3 will be post production editing resulting in a product ready for release.  Phase 4 will be the Reading premier of the short film in a showcase celebrating the achievements of the participants.
Phase 5 will be setting up an online community to provide the opportunity for further engagement with the Project Postcode team with the aim of developing local talent and audiences further.
This is an exciting pilot project and it is hoped that data and experience gathered here in Reading will be rolled out next year to 13 cities across the UK.  It will provide creative, training and development opportunities for young people across Reading.
RBC have made a committment to support and partner this very innovative way of engaging with marginalised and excluded young people so that they can develop a ligitimate voice and a sense of self worth and community”
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  1. Christine says:

    You will be pleased to know that Winston Ellis, whose passion is Project Postcode, has agreed to open East Reading Festival on Sunday 10th June at 12.30 in Palmer Park. Readers may have seen Winston as a Pirate of the Caribbean. Like some other Hollywood and TV superstars, Winston is a Reading lad.

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