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We’re doing our ride for charity. Well that’s not strictly true we’re doing for fun but we thought we’d raise money at the same time*. I’ve put a link to the charity we’re supporting on the right.

They’re an excellent small charity that send second hand unwanted bikes to partners in Africa who refurbish them as necessary and then the bikes are used for all sorts of great things – from the school run, start up businesses to things as simple as fetching water. We use our bikes for fun but for lots of people who get these bikes they make a real difference. They are also based near where Joe is originally from and a lot of their bikes are ex-royal mail a bike type that Joe hs fond memories of! For more info have a browse of their website.

They are setting up a link for us so you can sponsor us directly via their website. I know a lot of people are used to the “justgiving” website, but because they’re a small charity they aren’t on there, and the great thing about this way is that they don’t have to pay big admin fees etc so all the money will go straight to them. If you’d prefer to sponsor us the old fashioned way we’ve also got sponsorship forms!

*Incidentally any money we raise will be going directly to the charity’s bank account, and we’re paying for our trip ourselves!

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