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Social Saturday – and grant application opportunity

Today is Social Saturday a celebration of all things Cooperative and Social Enterprise.  I believe that Cooperatives and Social Enterprises need to play a bigger part in our economy if we are truly going to achieve social justice and innovate to meet the needs of tomorrow.  I am fortunate that my business works with a couple of amazing social enterprises (check out Clean for Good and Against the Grain our charity of the year).  But I am also a director of Reading Community Energy Society alongside fellow Labour and Coop Party Councillor Liz Terry.  This is an examole of Coop values in action: green energy, sold at fair prices to the local community buildings our solar panels are on.  With the surplus funds we’ll pay a fair return to local people who invested and give out grants to help improve energy efficiency and our local environment.

If your local organisation is interested in applying for a grant do take a look here:

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