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Statement on attempts to suspend Parliament

Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament to try to push through a chaotic and disastrous no deal Brexit is not only deeply irresponsible it is anti-democratic.

MPs should be allowed to represent the people who elected them and hold the government to account. It is outrageous that this even needs saying.

Parliament should be doing everything possible to avert a no deal Brexit. Once achieve I believe the final outcome of Brexit should be settled by a public vote. In that public vote I would campaign to remain.

However with this news, there is even less time to stop no deal. This means we may need a general election to avert the economic and political catastrophe of leaving the EU without any arrangements for getting food, medicines and goods into our country.

Here in Reading West as one of the battleground seats between Labour and the Conservatives we will have the opportunity to make a difference. If elected as your Labour and Cooperative MP I would always put Reading West first and follow what I believe is in our best interests. I will never change my position on Brexit or any other issue in order to further my career.

Rachel speaking on the importance of our relationship with the EU, against a no deal Brexit and her personal commitment to remaining in the EU
Rachel speaking on Europe in Kensington Park, West Reading.

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