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Still a ‘young professional’ – #aayp @cima_news

Having spent some of Tuesday with Reading’s youth cabinet and Thursday visiting Wilson School as a governor I’ve been feeling my age.  So it was nice to get in my inbox a feature from Accountancy Age listing me in a feature on ‘young professionals’.  The first I heard of it was on Wednesday when someone from CIMA (my accountancy institute) rang me up saying that they’d like a photo of me.  There are some very impressive individuals listed, some in more traditional lines of business for accountants and others in other very interesting careers.

Whenever someone asks about accountancy as a career I always say it gives you a strong analytical base to do almost any line of work and make a real difference to the organisation you work for.  I also believe that accountants also contributing to sustainability and a more ethical way of doing business and my institute, CIMA, in particular is very strong on the training and support you get in this.  A move to “producer capitalism” if you will.

If you look before they edit it you can spot the deliberate mistake, I didn’t know anything about the article in advance so don’t blame me! (clue: I’m not the Prime Minister…)

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