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Time for Alok Sharma to get off the fence on gay marriage

Reading Labour press release:

It’s time for Reading’s two Tory MPs to get off the fence when it comes to Equal Marriage says Reading Labour LGBT Officer, Richard Wood. 
At last weekend’s Reading Pride, Reading Labour together with LGBT Labour and Reading Young Labour asked people to fill in and sign letters (see attached) calling on local MPs Rob Wilson and Alok Sharma to vote in favour of the Equal Marriage bill when it is brought before parliament.
Richard Wood commented “We had a fantastic reaction at the stall, over 200 people signed the letters calling on Alok Sharma and Rob Wilson to commit to voting in favour of the bill. It was clear from the feedback we got that people feel the time has come, countries such as Belgium, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden all allow same sex-marriage and recently the Democratic Party in the US, lead by President Obama, has committed itself to introduce legislation.”
Cllr Tony Page, Deputy Leader of Reading Borough Council, who represented the Labour Group on the march and at Pride, commented “I’m delighted Richard got such a positive reaction to his campaign, I agree with him that time has come for us to move forward on this issue and provide true equality in marriage, I am also extremely gratified that so many of my colleagues have also signed.”
Labour Councillors who have signed letters to their MPs include Cllrs. Lovelock, Page, Davies, Eden, K.Edwards,  Ennis, Gavin, Hacker, Hoskin, P. Jones, T. Jones, Khan, Livingston, Maskell, McElligott, Rodda, Ruhemann, Terry, Tickner, Williams, and Woodward.
 Richard Wood comments “I’ll be delivering the letters to the offices of Alok Sharma and Rob Wilson next week and hopefully we may finally get a response from them on how they intend to vote”.

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