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Wishing you a Happy New Year

I hope you had a good Christmas, I’ve set up this post to wish readers of my blog a happy new year and to promise that I will post regularly in January after a quieter December.

I also promise to reply to interesting and informed comments – whether or not I agree, and even when they come from Conservative Councillors!

My political New Year’s resolutions are firstly to be part of the the best possible campaign in Whitley after all it is my own re-election, support Labour’s excellent European candidates Anneliese Dodds and John Howarth and build support for 2015.  Secondly to support the Reading Labour campaign more generally to gain council seats – we will increase our majority on the council this year, I’m convinced and all three of the other parties should be worried.

That’s not (just) because I’m a political nerd, but because to make Reading a better place we need to have a strong, principled team in place that will deliver for everyone.  The candidates up for election from the Labour party this year are, if they are successful are determined to live up to the trust that people place in them.

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