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Worth subscribing to

I’ve been subscribed to the Orwell diaries for the last few months.  If you thought a Conservative PM was bad, this is a good way of realising that if I was my Grandparents life would be much harder.

The idea is that each entry is released as a blog post but on 60th anniversary of him writing it.

While descriptions of how many eggs his hens have laid are all well and good they have just got interesting as today (60 years ago) he decides to start to mentioning the progress of the war in more detail – the posts all last Autumn have occassionally mentioned it but mostly as how it impacts the price of the food he’s been selling from his smallholding.

I’d definately recommend it – I use google reader to subscribe (there’s a similar project with Pepy’s diary and there was one last year with Dracula that I also enjoy)

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