Coops – a fair way to grow our economy

At yesterday's new economic models conference it was really positive to see the leadership of the Labour party fully committed to growing the Cooperative sector.  Of course it is the Cooperative answers to some of the problems currently facing larger businesses in the economy that have got the headlines.  However it was brilliant that Jeremy... Continue Reading →

Let’s end FGM – how you can help

At today's FGM Zero Tolerance Conference organised by the Alliance for Cohesion and Racial Equality it was striking how determined and united everyone was to end FGM. I know that many people across Reading also want to help end this awful practice.  We identified several ways that people can help. Firstly, don't stay silent.  This... Continue Reading →

Why Vote 100 matters

Today 100 years ago the Royal Assent was given to allow the first women to vote. Of course it was only one step on a longer journey towards equality that we are still on.  Particularly for women of colour, disabled women, lesbian, bi and transgender women and for working class women the fight for equality... Continue Reading →

Our NHS – we must defend it

Alongside fellow Reading Labour members, including a strong young Labour presence I joined the Emergency NHS march yesterday.  In some ways it was uplifting because of the unity of the campaigners, the solidarity and our belief in the NHS. But it was also saddening that of all the things that we could be marching for... Continue Reading →

Let’s tackle loneliness in Reading

Tackling loneliness is one of the great causes of our time.  It's not been the most fashionable cause but it can affect can affect any of us and it is something I@m really passionate about tackling.   The work nationally of the Jo Cox loneliness commission highlighting the importance of this we can be proud of what... Continue Reading →

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