Plumbing emergancy – sorted!

Plumbing emergancy – sorted!

Sometimes things come in 3s.  Last night we had a poorly baby, a blocked pipe (and a load of nappies in the middle of a wash – yuk!) and urgent council work for me to finish.  It all added up to very limited sleep.  Well we sorted 2 out of 3 last night, but that left a bit of a smelly situation.

So it was looking like my day today was going to be tricky as I had still a grouchy baby, cleaning, more council stuff and it was first day of term for my husband’s school.  Thanks to the wonders of the freegle cafe  however I knew that there is a very helpful plumber in the Reading area called John Stumbles.  Well he was of course busy this morning as he’s very popular but he managed to fit me in in between other jobs just now, came over and quickly and efficiently fixed my blocked pipe (washing powder had somehow formed a ‘cake’…lovely), charged me £30 (which seems extremely reasonable to me) and had an interesting and thoughtful chat about politics.

Plus he has a sense of humour – his business is called YAPH – which stands for “yet another plumbing and heating engineer”.  

Needless to say I would recommend him!


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