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3rd September events

There are 3 events* tomorrow in Reading where Labour will be well represented – hopefully I’ll be at two out of three…

Obviously there is Reading Pride, one of the highlights of the Reading year for me.  Our stall is being organised by Richard Wood and will be part of the fun atmosphere, but with a political message too. (Picture of last year’s stall left)

Labour are also holding a street stall on Broad Street to highlight the threat to the NHS from the dangerous changes that the Tory-led government are planning.

And Southcote’s Labour councillors will be at the Granville Road fun day, organised jointly by tenants and housing staff from the council.  I will be there too, as I’ve been asked to judge the cake competition.  Yes, that’s right.  I’m going to be eating cake.  This is apparently now part of my duty as a council cabinet member.

But seriously, if you wanted to know what Labour stands for in Reading, what Labour members and councillors are doing tomorrow would be a pretty good guide.  Not the cake part obviously…

*I’m not including the various ward surgeries of course.

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