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Brazil – not perfect but…

…a country that is worth admiring.  I have watched the last couple of years of the presidency of Lula Da Silva with admiration, and have been looking for a definitive biography for a while (if any one finds one please let me know!)
The new president, Dilma, had a tough election campaign but has a great legacy to build on.  Here’s hoping…

  1. Anatole says:

    Brazil certainly has a place but I think it is right that many there look to China as a model of how government must, at times, simply “get things done” rather than pander to the esoteric niceties of Western politics. I recently had a group of senior Brazilian bankers and politicians in Beijing and I think more than anything, it was the differences which astonished them rather than the similarities. To be fair, they are at least a modest bunch in general.

    Lula's government was pretty decent overall. However I think the international community is just a touch cautious on their judgment of the president. She has given indications that whilst keeping broadly in line with the existing policies, she may have a few unpleasant surprises up her sleeve for the business community, and may not be quite as friendly as she campaigned on.

  2. Rachel says:

    Anatole (is that Mr Pang btw – if so hello!),

    Interesting points, agree it's too soon to tell about hte new President.

    China might be “good at getting things done” but what about democracy and human rights? I find that quite important. One of the things I like about Brazil in contrast to, say, Chile is that they've managed to acheive a lot economically and for social justice without trampling on this

  3. Anatole says:

    “what about democracy and human rights”

    Tell that to the poor, my dear. I'm they will thank you for it over their empty supper tables …

  4. Anatole says:

    BTW yes it is me. Do you moderate all the comments?! That doesn't sound very efficient … :-p

  5. Rachel says:

    yes, but I don't have many commentators, apart from an anonymous dinosaur who generally just shouts at me… also means I see all the comments

    There are a few more that read it though!

  6. Dessy the Deficit Denying Dinosaur says:

    I've never shouted at you thank you, merely correcting your general ignorance of the populace's wishes.

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