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Cameron should apologise to NHS staff

I couldn’t believe the BBC news top story today.  “NHS change is needed, says David Cameron”.  Sure we could do with some more doctors, new treatments, better mental health provision, but I can’t think of a single person outside of the Conservative party leadership (oh, I guess Nick Clegg), who would answer the question “What does the NHS need” with “Privatisation”.  When the BMA, Unision, the Patients Association, the general public (in opinion polls), the Royal College of GPs, all think you are wrong you should pause and think.

But then he does say “I think if we just carried on as we are, because there is so little incentive in the NHS to actually improve the health of the nation, I think we would face a very big crunch in two or three years’ time.””


I had lunch yesterday with a friend who is a doctor and my aunt works in the Royal Berkshire Hospital.  It is insulting to suggest that they don’t have an ‘incentive’ to improve ‘the health of the nation’ (pompous phrase meaning make people healthier I suppose!).  I suppose they don’t get a £10000+ bonus if they make people get better and change their lifestyle, but I am 100% certain they and the system they are in are fully aiming to improve the health of the nation.

Time for Cameron to take a long hard look at the Conservatives approach to the NHS and be honest about what he and Andrew Landsey are doing.  Either that or apologise and change course.

I was with others protesting on Saturday about the NHS reorganisation.  As it becomes more clear what the Conservatives are up to it will only whip up public anger further.

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