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Democracy in action

A Whitley resident sent me this link.  It’s increadibly depressing that independent experts are predicting 10 million people will ‘fall off’ the electoral register as a result of changes proposed by ministers. 

I’m hoping that decent members of parliament from all parties will get this amended.  I know how hard councils like Reading’s work to ensure that all our residents are registered to vote.  That’s partially so that they can choose to vote when the time comes and all the other reasons that are listed in the article.  However it’s also really helpful for the council to plan services and see how the population of wards are changing and gives us a more up to date snapshot that the census. 

If voter registration was voluntary, there was no reminder to register to vote and registration becomes individual it’s not surprising that pollsters predict it would be the young, ethnic minorities and the poor who would be disproportionately affected.  The fact that even Conservative members of the select committee expressed ‘surprise’ at the proposals shows this is just another example of the government playing fast and loose with the future of our country.  It’s all very well making it up as you go along when you are a PR man but when you are running the country it’s down right disgraceful.

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