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Home Access – computer access for all!

Use of computers and broadband is so widespread now that many teachers set homework which requires students to use the computer.  My husband for example produces lots of revision and study resources for his students that he puts on line.  However there are a few students in all schools who simply can’t access this at home.  While printing off material for these students reduces the problem it can lead to embarrassment for the student, or duplication (and waste of money) if it’s done for the vast majority.  That’s why I think that the new Home Access scheme is such a good idea. 

I just sent the following letter to the Reading Chronicle which gives more details:

Home Access (Reading Chronicle, 4 February) is a great scheme.  It’s a shame that it is being referred to in some quarters in such a partisan manner as this doesn’t do anything to encourage take up of what is a
really important scheme.  Computer and Internet skills are increasingly important in the work place and during our young people’s education.  Surely it is important to ensure children are able to gain
these skills regardless of background?

Home Access offers a free laptop and free broadband access to parents on low incomes with children in Years 3-9.
All parents whose children get free school meals are eligible, as are many other parents on low incomes.

Parents interested in applying for a Home Access Grant and checking whether they are eligible should call 0333 200 1004 or visit
It is absolutely right that Reading Borough Council should be planning to publicise this grant – but you don’t have to wait for that, you can get your application in now and your child can start benefiting sooner!

  1. James says:

    This is a great idea. Work using computers is essential to prepare for the modern workplace.

    What I want to know is how long it will be before we see high speed Internet to all homes. My nieces are frequently set homework that requires extensive use of the Internet but the best connection they can get is over a 33 kbps modem, making modern Internet pages (particularly those aimed at children with rich graphics and video) inaccessible to them. They work very hard but it's a serious disadvantage. One solution is mobile broadband but there is no mobile coverage where they live either.

    We need to provide Internet to all, especially as we are relying on it heavily in education, government and commerce. If you don't have Internet, it's becoming increasingly difficult to participate in the modern community.

  2. Rachel says:

    Hi James,

    This is a really good point. I know that there are plans afoot to ensure that there is broadband access across the whole country, although I think it's quite controversial how it will be funded: it will have to be through some form of tax (the government is currently suggesting a tax on land lines) as there are some places where it's never going to pay a private business to install broadband.

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