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“Irresponsible fear-mongering”

Now that the coalition has in a single day attacked Shelter and the Local Government Association (whose Chair is a Tory peer) for scaremongering and accused Boris Johnston of offensiveness (oh wait, I would say that’s true as a general rule)  perhaps it is now the turn of the Methodists, the United Reformed Church and the Baptists.  No doubt they are smearing George Osbourne in a distasteful way.

At some point the Coalition is going to have to wake up to the fact that when someone disagrees with what you are doing it can be because you are doing something disagreeable.  And not all opposition is irresponsible.

In fact the real scaremongers are those who do scary things.  The coalition is doing things that that would make any reasonable person afraid for what might happen if you were to get ill, or unemployed or just old and frail.

  1. Dessy the Deficit Denying Dinosaur says:

    So, you're now saying that when the vast majority of the country said that Labour's immigration policy was wrong, the PC brigade was wrong, the erosion of our culture was wrong, letting in all of Eastern Europe instead of implementing the opt out we had (like France and Germany used) was wrong, bribing voters with additional benefits was wrong it was actually because Labour were wrong? Or, as in many examples of deluded socialists, the vast majority are wrong because we can't think for ourselves?

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