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Letter to my MP – he’s Cameron’s man, but worth a try… #SavetheNHS #sinkthebill

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Dear Mr Sharma,

The NHS Bill did not feature in either your own or the Liberal Deomocrat manifesto, or in the Coalition Agreement.

In fact, the Prime Minister himself promised the NHS was safe in his hands before the election, saying categorically there would be no “top down reorganisation of the NHS”.

The legitimate concerns of the majority of the public, and the vast majority of health experts, are opposed to this bill including many bodies that very rarely speak out politically.
The minor amendments accepted so far have done nothing to alter the nature of the Bill, which can only damage the quality of healthcare for ordinary people around the UK, by breaking up the NHS as we know it, reducing accountability and raising administrative costs.

The government are refusing to release the Transitional Risk Register for the Bill, despite being ordered by the Information Officer and an appeal tribunal. This means MPs voting now are passing judgement without knowing the risks the government expects this legislation to have for the NHS.

Please consider the trust placed in you by those voters in Reading West who believed that the Conservative party would not dismantle the NHS when they voted for you.

Please vote to delay the bill until the Risk register is published,

yours sincerely,

Rachel Eden

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