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NHS direct

Imagine a service that saves the government money, is valued by patients and reaches people who otherwise might not get treatment.  This sounds like exactly what the current government is looking for.  I would expand it as it’s a great example of ‘more for less’.

NHS Direct is that service:

It diverts people from A&E and the doctors, unless they need to go (OK they may be precautionary but that’s the right way around!).  I know that I really value the ability ot pick up a phone and speak to a nurse at 2am if my daughter seems ill and I know at least a couple of men who won’t go ot the doctors but who will ring them (not sure if it is a gender thing, but it is only men in my expereince).

Surely the government will rethink scrapping it, the only reason I can think of downgrading the service is to keep up their ‘cut a day’ mentality.
There’s a petition please sign it!

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