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Nominations for #rdg elections in – don’t forget to register

The nominations for elections in Reading are now all in and they will be published shortly.  Some very interesting candidates for any follower of Reading politics.   I’m proud to be supporting Mike Orton’s bid for re-election in Whitley ward.  A resident and councillor for “longer than I’ve been alive” – as he never tired of telling people when I was a candidate-  he is a champion for Whitley.  He has huge amounts of energy, ability and most importantly integrity.

I’ll link to the full list of candidates once they are published.

In the meantime, make sure that you are registered to vote, that you have a postal or proxy vote if you need one (for example will be on holiday or work long hours or will find it hard to get to a polling station).  You need to get on to this quite quickly now!

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