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#SaveOurNHS live ‘virtual’ protest

A number of Reading Labour members have joined the national lobby in parliament this evening but I am working this evening so have set this post up in advance (scheduling blog posts in advance is new to me but what a good idea!).

I’ve blogged on this ad nauseum but when even previous supporters of the bill are starting to change their tune it’s time to call a halt.  there are serious issues facing our NHS – a funding squeeze, an aging population, new treatments to decide on.  It’s time that that the government stopped adding to the problems and gave our clinicians a chance to tackle those and hey, maybe just maybe, actually helped to find some solutions.

Might be useful Cameron’s man in Reading actually admitted just how widespread opposition to this bill actually is.

The sort of challenges I mean are already working their way into the health service.  I was told yesterday by a disabled lady who has special shoes to enable her to walk that they’ve cut the frequency that they will replace her shoes and repairs have been outsourced somewhere cheaper. However she’s found that the repairs are noticably shoddier and she’s had to keep returning them for repair, but they haven’t actually fixed it.

Then there was her freind who has terminal cancer and has just had her DLA benefits stopped. “I’m not going to beg for it, I’m not like that” was her comment “Anyway their making it even worse soon, I’ll not be the only one”.

This government needs to rethink what it’s doing and talk to teh rest of us who are seeing the consequences of their ideology in practical, real ways

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