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#savethenhs – airbrush edition

Let’s face it it’s pretty depressing what the government is up to on our NHS this week.  The Libdems (with some honourable exceptions) seem to be trying to position themselves so that they don’t look to blame but without actually having the guts to actually do anything.  Meanwhile, the Tories blaming either their own colleague Andrew Lansley’s presentation skills or the public’s stupidity for the lack of ‘understanding’ that we have of their bill.

I saw a tweet the other day which said “Cameron wants to save face, Clegg wants to save his career.  Only Labour wants to save the NHS”.

Despite my obvious party loyalty I would say that’s not true: it’s not just Labour: the public want to save the NHS, along with the alphabet soup of professional bodies that are calling for the bill to be dropped.

So here’s some light relief:

My own experience of the NHS this week has been fabulous.  I just hope that the patient care and focus on services working together isn’t permanently damaged by the vandals in government.

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