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Stockholm Syndrome?

Rumours and more than rumours have been going around Reading over the last week about which wards the Lib dems are planning to stand aside in either totally or by not actively campaigning.  Tony Jones has now broken the story on his blog. 

If this is seriously going to happen what the Liberals are going through looks suspiciously like Stockholm Syndrome.  I was starting to have my suspicions that this was happening when I saw Councillor Benson’s twitter feed on the CSR, which looked like something out of the Conservative press office but this confirms it.

My message to Liberal Democrats in case they have forgotten it – you are not Conservatives!

I have to say that I find it very sad.  I am a socialist and a political opponent so of course I don’t want the Liberal Democrats to do well.  However far better a fair fight on the issues with voters given a real choice.  The Conservatives may be laughing but the losers here are the electorate.

EDITED: spelling and format, removed animal farm quote as saving it for later!

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