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The highest unemployment figures in my adult life

What a waste of talent and people’s lives.

Particularly depressing to see so many young people unable to find work.  It is no time for complacency from the government.  It’s tough out here, whether you work in the private sector, public sector or are self employed.  I was coming home from a meeting and in the car were 3 of us in those different ‘groups’ (yes car sharing to Labour party meetings, we are socialists after all).  We are all worried about our jobs.  Reading is one of the places that is less affected so far.

It feels to me very much like things felt in the early 1990s but with the added ‘bonus’ of a government that is so right wing it is seeking to destroy the NHS.

It’s time for everyone in the Labour movement and who sympathises to unite to discredit this truly awful Tory government, and the Libdems ‘aiding and abetting’ them

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