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“The single biggest challenge facing Britain” – oh really?

Soneone once say “Ringo’s not the best drummer in the world, he’s not even the best drummer in the Beatles”.  I’d dispute that and not just because to me he is the voice of Thomas the tank engine.  Yes that shows my age…

But I would say something similar today in response to Baroness Warsi “The deficit isn’t even the single biggest economic challenge facing Britain”.  For most of us I would say jobs and growth are the single biggest economic challenge facing us, and we’re Britain not the banks or Whitehall full of monetarist economists.
Yes the deficit has to come down, but the deficit this year is now projected to be smaller than the original forecast.  Under Labour’s policies jobs were being created and growth was coming as figures out today show – the figures are better than I expected actually, and I was a fan of investing to grow!  
Yet looking at the impact of Conservative policies the bank of england are now downgrading forecasts future growth, consumer spending has started to slow and house prices have slightly fallen.  Why?  Well we’re not stupid, people are worried about their jobs and the economy with Conservative policy of slash and burn.  
Ironically actually the best (and painless) way to cut the deficit is to increase growth.  This actually includes the so-called ‘structural’ deficit which is an estimate not an objective figure.  The estimate is hugely affected by what you assume to be the long term trend rate for growth… and guess what?  Conservative policies that harm growth will also lead to the structural deficit being higher, which will probably make them feel they can justify further cuts, which will damage growth further.  I can see where this is going…
Baroness Warsi is getting lots of coverage by being rude to the Labour leadership candidates but is’ a smokescreen for the real news of the day – Labour policies are not only fairer but were working and Conservative policies are already causing both the Bank of England and the ordinary punter to be worried about the future.
To me this is a reminder along with national and local attacks on council housing, cutting investment in play areas, attacking social care (not to mention a foreign policy that seemingly involves pointlessly winding up a country that we need to keep onside for the sake or our troops and currently has a huge natural disaster on it’s hands) should be a wake up call to every Labour member and supporter. 
  1. Where is my apology from Labour? says:

    Labour's idea of creating growth was creating non-jobs in the civil service at the expense of the taxpayer. This doesn't reduce the deficit, it increases the deficit as the public sector doesn't generate wealth. Even a child would be able to tell you that. With the Tories getting rid of your non-jobs they are saving this country money. These non-jobs have included a 'cheerleader assistant' for goodness sake!

    Let's also not forget that it was your treasonous vermin Liebour party that had an open door immigration policy that has cost this country an absolute fortune. You've been bringing in unskilled immigrants from outside of the EU for your own political gains (see Andrew Neather's comments for evidence, you can even look at the buffoons running for Liebour leadership too) as you can bribe them with taxpayers money and they'll vote for Liebour as soon as they've acquired a British passport. When there are race riots in this country due to your party's policy of 'Islamification of the UK' then I hope that you and your fellow comrades realise what a bunch of idiots you have been.

    In fact you even tried that with the newly created 'white underclass' where you bribed them to such an extent that they had no option but to remain on benefits as it was more profitable for them than actually finding a job and working. Your party should be ashamed for that but I still haven't heard an apology for that, or for the mess that you left this country's economy in.

    That just continues with the usual trend, the Tories build a strong economy only for Liebour to ruin it, the Tories then re-build and again leave a strong again only for Liebour to then ruin it. The sooner that idiots like you realise that socialism doesn't work the better. The sooner that socialism is classified as a mental illness the better.

  2. Rachel says:

    Hi there,

    Was tempted not to publish this comment as it really breaches my pretty simple comments policy – I don't know whether you're being more offensive to socialists or sufferers of mental illness.

    Your comment isn't really responding to the point I make which is about the economics of growth.

    I could refute you line by line but anyone who uses such awful (and lazy) punning really doesn't particularly deserve it and I have some case work to deal with.

    If you want to comment on why you think Conservative policies will contribute to economic growth better than the previous administrations then I will respond more substantially…

  3. Rachel says:

    I have just rejected a further comment from “Where is my apology Labour” (not your real name?)

    Please abide by my comments policy. Calling me and my party fascists come under the category of not being civil.

  4. John says:

    things are moving rapidly from the biggest problem not being the deficit but the way the current Govt is changing things. Using the excuse of deficit they are performing ideologically motivated changes to dismantle the welfare state. Many cuts are hitting the most vulnerable now and the banks (who caused the problem and where bailed out) are now making huge profits once more. Nothing wrong with the banks making profits as it means the shares the govt own are now worth more and eventually there will be a profit. But the cuts are in the wrong places. Reducing Tax Fraud would generate a lot more money than seeking to cut Benefit fraud (which costs 1% of the benefit budget).

    This countries enconomy has to grow and cutting the aid given to the old and frail is not the way forward.

  5. John Ennis says:

    Good article Rachel. The comments from the person afraid to give his/her name show real ignorance and prejudice that we are facing from this new Government. There is a big failure in this bigoted argument that the global economy experienced the worst global recession since te 1930's and the economic plan, devised by Gordon Brown and adopted by most countries actually saved our economy. Yes there has to be a payback, but not at the expense of hardworking people but when the economy is best placed to afford it and that is definitely not now.

  6. Martin Kyler says:

    Found this on the net – an interesting topic indeed.

    Portrait Of The 1985 Handsworth Riots, UK- Pogus Caesar – BBC1 TV . Inside Out.

    Broadcast 25 Oct 2010.

    Birmingham film maker and photographer Pogus Caesar knows Handsworth well. He found himself in the centre of the 1985 riots and spent two days capturing a series of startling images. Caesar kept them hidden for 20 years. Why? And how does he see Handsworth now?.

    The stark black and white photographs featured in the film provide a rare, valuable and historical record of the raw emotion, heartbreak and violence that unfolded during those dark and fateful days in September 1985.

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