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Tomorrow’s elections

If you are reading my blog you probably are interested in politics, so I doubt you will forget to vote.  But obviously don’t forget!

It will be interesting to see what happens locally and nationally in the elections tomorrow.  I won’t make any predictions, as ultimately it’s all down to the voters who turn out tomorrow.  But what I will say is that I am determined to continue to push for a Labour victory in Reading tomorrow.

Having been out in Caversham yesterday meeting residents to discuss some very serious issues it brought home to me just how important a strong, local councillor can be in making a difference for people – and why Richard Davies would be exactly that.  After one visit he was very moved and I said to him:  “This is why you are doing it and why even in a so-called ‘Conservative’ ward what you are doing matters”

I believe that a Labour council also makes a difference.  Things are hard for all of us at the moment and we need a council working with people and with a clear mandate.

However it’s not an easy election for us regardless of the expectations management that the Conservatives are currently engaged in.  We need to keep showing why Labour makes a difference and that not all politicians are the same.  I have been thinking recently about the damage done to politics generally by the ‘broken promises’ of Liberal Democrats and Conservative alike and what can be done to reverse this damage.  But it’s not a post for the day before an election, when I also have important casework to deal with!

I will post my reaction to the results on Friday no doubt, and I think the council will be posting Reading’s results live on their Facebook page and twitter on Thursday night  for those who are up late enough but not at the count.

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