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Weather is too nice to blog!

Tomorrow I will try to post my March report and then I am going to take a break from blogging until after the local elections (unless something REALLY exciting comes up)

 Here are some interesting posts from elsewhere:
A widely cited and well researched article by Duncan Weldon (ex Bank of England, ex fund manager now a Labour/Union person…) on what the lessons of Portugal are.  THe breif answer seems to be: they went for austerity measures, VAT rises and ‘export led’ growth, and like Ireland their economy failed to grow so they’re now in trouble.  Not encouraging reading.

Secondly an interesting article by Rick Muir of  on the social democratic left in Brazil, Chile and Uruguay.  Long but interesting – worth sticking with if you are interested in either how the left can win in Europe or in Latin America.

And a pretty unusual policy suggestion from the OECD, not known as aggressive critics of the Conservative-Libdems.  The EMA campaign really is reaching some unusual places.

That’s it for tonight!

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