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General Election 2017 – Wantage Parliamentary Candidate

manifesto picRachel stood as the Labour and Cooperative Party wantage votesParliamentary candidate in the June 2017 General Election in the traditionally Conservative stronghold of Wantage.  Following an active campaign promoting Labour’s socialist manifesto she was proud to increase the Labour vote by 82%, recording the highest number of Labour votes ever in the Constituency.


Labour IN

CkqS90sWgAADWo3As a passionate believer in internationalism and cooperating with our European friends Rachel campaigned strongly for the ‘Labour In’ campaign.

It is becoming more and more apparent that the Conservatives have no credible plan for Brexit and Rachel continues to support Jeremy Corbyn and Keir Starmer’s approach of trying to limit the damage that Theresa May and Boris Johnson could unleash on jobs, security and the environment.

Throughout the general election campaign European citizens, and their friends and family raised with her their concerns about their welcome in the UK.  As a parliamentary candidate she emphasised the manifesto commitment to give EU citizens the right to remain and is she remains committed a future where cooperation with our closest neighbours and our allies with a shared values and history is Labour’s policy.


Implementing the UNISON Ethical Care Charter

Rachel worked closely with local UNISON reps to campaign for and then sign Reading Borough Council up to the UNISON Ethical Care Charter which sets minimum standards to protect the dignity and quality of life for people who need homecare. It commits councils to buying home care only from providers who give workers enough time, training and a living wage, so they can provide better quality care for thousands of individuals who rely on it.
Rachel promoted this and signedUNISON ethical care charter signing Reading Brough Council up as a UNISON Ethical Care Council.

You can watch the video featured at national UNISON conference here

This gives dignity to workers who provide care and to those they care for:  providers are required to:
• Schedule visits so that homecare workers are not forced to rush their time with clients or leave their clients early to get to the next one on time
• Match the time allocated to visits to the particular needs of the client
• Allocate clients the same homecare worker(s) wherever possible
• Use contracts which are appropriate for individual homecare workers
• Pay the Living Wage
• Pay homecare workers for expenses such as their travel time and travel costs

Rachel continues to promote the value of the care charter with other councils and nationally in her role with the Local Government Association
signing Ethical Care Charter

Improving support for survivors of Rape and Sexual Abuse

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Save the Whitley Excellence Cluster


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