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August councillor’s update

A quiet month but have used it to ensure that I’m on top of things happening in the ward and to get up to date with some key issues that are coming up.

Council work:
There were no formal council meetings or committee in August.  However I did have a very useful opposition breifing session with other Labour councillors from the Director of Environment and other environment directorate staff.

Out and about in the ward:
Nothing major to report, kept an eye on the park improvements, in particular those at Whitley wood, which needed some re-work.  Other than that it was business as usual with individual pieces of casework.

Other meetings:
I met with the director of Affinity Housing to find out more about how they operate to ensure that I am able to effectively represent residents to them and to identify ways in which we can work together.  It was good to meet the team and I know they work hard for the area.

Labour party and campaigning
I met and called some members who wanted to get more involved in the party, some really talented people.  Hopefully a sign of things to come and great to have them on board!

Next month:
September is already part way through (been a bit busy the last couple of days!) so I have a bit of a sneak preview.  All I can say is it will be back to business as usual as the schools go back, meetings get going again and politics leaves the ‘silly season’ behind!

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