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December 2010 – councillors report


December has, as predicted been an odd month for my council work and have had some reduced activity compared, say with November. However I have still had some casework and also in the last week of the month launched a campaign to save the work of the Whitley Excellence Cluster.  I’d like to thank my Labour party comrades and colleagues who stood in for me at a couple of meetings and my ward colleagues for their support during this time.


I sent apologies for the Environment Scrutiny and Cycling Liaison as they clashed with a funeral.
However they discussed some important things, you can see the environment scrutiny information here and the Cycling Liaison papers will be available with the ‘TMAP’ (traffic management advisory panel).

Out and about in the ward:

We held our regular monthly surgery at the beginning of the month at the South Reading Youth and Community Centre.
I held a special additional surgery at Christ the King primary (and saw their nativity – excellent performances all round, but my favourite was Herod’s song!)
I continued to push for the new play equipment for Kennet Island to be installed quickly.

Labour party and campaigning
The weather has reduced our campaigning somewhat but I’ve set up an on-line petition and web page for the Whitley Excellence Cluster campaign and we’ll be doing more on that this month.

Every household in Whitley however has had leaflet from us either in December or at the very end of November wishing you a happy Christmas and giving some information about our activities.  Thanks to our lovely volunteers and the sterling efforts of Kelly, our brilliant candidate.

Looking ahead to January:

January is back to the usual.  I am determined that the Hartland Road markings will be sorted soon, and the lead petitioner and I will be writing to all affected households shortly.  I predict my biggest campaign will be the Whitley Excellence Cluster but there is also a meeting of full council, a number of Labour party meetings and of course lots of other activities already.

In general I’m hoping this month will be a quieter month on the personal front and a busier month on the council front!

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