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October report –

A busy month. some local positives overshadowed by the national news. 
Council work: 
 Full council this month was I have to say a largely disappointing affair with a lot of bad temper and unnecessary amendments of motions for political point scoring.  I kept out of the debates that caused the most headlines but proposed a motion urging the council to take advantage of the new ‘feed in tarriffs’.  Although this was amended by the lead councillor by deleting all but 2 of the words of my motion (and to include a list of things that the council is already doing, although it seemed to have escaped his notice that this was under a Labour administration!) I believe the general principle was preserved, so I do have hopes.  As Cllr Paul Gittings rightly pointed out – they will be judged by results not words.
As ever I get contacted by local residents with individual concerns, please do feel free to contact me.
Out and about in the ward:
Jim, Mike and I held our regular monthly surgery, this month it was on Kennet Island.
Cllr Mike Orton and I visited Whitley Park schools to see the progress they are making on becoming a single school and discuss access to the site. 
I haven’t yet got the result on Hartland Road that residents are hoping for but I will continue to push for this.
I have been encouraging people to sign up to vote, particularly in the “S” polling district on the Kennet Island Development and Ashmore Road but also elsewhere.
I met with Michael Coughlin the Chief Executive of the council to discuss Whitley, how I was settling in as a councillor and to raise a couple of concerns.

The Shinfield Road lights issue is ongoing although there has been some progress.

Labour party and campaigning
I attended Group executive meetings as a back bench representative and also the party “General Committee” where we had some really good guest speakers.  I have been door knocking around the ward and also in Katesgrove with the local team there.
November is quieter on the committee front so I am making time to get out and about in the ward as well as keep standing up for residents.

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