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Out and about tomorrow – say hello

I’ve inevitably been in the Civic Centre more than usual the last couple of weeks, to make sure I’m both up to date with what is happening in my new portfolio and also to ensure that council staff know what my priorities are.

We’re working on some really important stuff which I will blog about more over the next couple of weeks.

However I’m making sure I get out and about in Whitley as well.  We’re doing a formal version of that with our next “roving surgery/walk about” tomorrow if you live on: Callington Road, Helston Gardens, Redruth Gardens, Merton Road (north or south), Newlyn Gardens, Padstow Gardens, Camelford Close or Chagford Road you should have seen a red leaflet from us.  We’ll be knocking on a sample of doors to see what is happening in your neighbourhood but if you particularly want a councillor’s visit please put the red leaflet up in your window and we’ll make sure we knock on the door.

I’ll also be calling in at the revamped youth centre on  Northumberland Avenue tomorrow afternoon.

And don’t forget if you see me walking around the ward, on the bus or where-ever please do say hello!

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