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Snow, lovely snow!

I’m sitting in my office in the town centre getting excited about the snow.


Went to a Kennet Island residents’ meeting yesterday.  Was very constructive and positive I thought.  Lots of hard work being done by the residents to get a more active community spirit.

  1. Anonymous says:

    The snow's very pretty but when you're trying to get across town to thaw out someone's frozen pipes and you get about 400 yards in 4 hours and abandon the job (and allhope of earning some money for the day) you might just wish there were some salt or grit on the roads.

    Last year they (RBC) seemed to have the gritting lorries out any time it was cold enough to see your breath. Today by the time they came out they got stuck in the traffic with the rest of us. Even so I saw one in Chatham St, not completely hemmed in with traffic, and even an hour later there were gangs of folks helping to push cars up Castle Hill, only a few hundred hards away and still ungritted.

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