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What’s Labour?

Last week on Helston Gardens I was asked by 3 young girls “What’s the Labour party? Does it mean when women have babies”.

The conversation continued: “Labour means work”.  “My Dad works”, “My mum AND my dad work”.  “Well the Labour party was set up so that people who do the work have a say”.  “Are you the only lady?”.  “I am the only one visiting your street today, but there lots of women involved – when you grow up you could do it”  “Will you come and meet my mum?”  “And ours”

This video gets across the message I was trying to give them.  It’s a bit sentimental, but it reminds me that in the end it’s worth campaigning for the right thing, whether that’s stopping cars parking on pavements or a fair deal on climate change, and politics makes a difference to people’s lives.

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