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Mayor’s Boundary Walk

I was very proud to be the first Mayor (that we know of!) to “beat the bounds” of Reading since 1912.

I did this to raise funds for three amazing local charities – Sue Ryder Duchess of Kent Hospice, Parenting Special Children and the Alliance for Cohesion and Racial Equality and to promote what a wonderful community we live in. I’m really grateful to everyone who took part and to those who donated.

It was a wonderful experience and politicians who joined in included the MP for Reading East, Matt Rodda, numerous members of Reading Borough Council past and present (includign several ex Mayors) and two parish councillors from West Berkshire. It also included supporters of my charities, local organisations like the Sea Cadets, who rowed a group across the Thames, and residents who welcomed us and in both Whitley, Southcote and Caversham provided refreshments

I created a digital archive of the event on a dedicated twitter account here. We’re going to look into how we can make this route one that is easy to follow online but if you’d like a map I have a few left for a £3 donation, just get in touch.

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