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Time for change in Earley and Woodley

After 13 years of Tory chaos, if we needed another reminder that we must have a change of government for Earley and Woodley and the country we got it this week. The Conservative party conference was a mixture of internal rows and culture wars.  There was no serious attempt to put forward policies to tackle the many problems that the Conservatives themselves have inflicted on this country.

We have the chance to change that in the coming months and elect a Labour government that give us the hope we do desperately need.

Change is coming to our area

I’m proud to have represented Whitley ward for all of the 13 years of Conservative government.

Following the boundary review, Whitley, has – along with parts of three other constituencies – joined the brand new constituency of Earley and Woodley.

It’s as seat we must win in order to have a Labour government and we already know the Conservatives will be working hard to take it.

Getting the right Labour candidate:

With a General Election likely next year, we need a highly effective candidate ready to hit the ground running.  We need an experienced campaigner, who is high profile, known and trusted across the constituency.

As Mayor of Reading I have worked with communities across South Reading, Earley and Woodley.

I outperformed the national swing both times I have stood for Parliament. As a campaigner, as a councillor, as a Trade Unionist, I have got things done.

I’ve a national profile as Treasurer of Labour’s Environment Campaign, SERA and a former board member at the local Government Association but all of my politics is grounded in my local experience.

As a Director of a local community energy company, I’ve used cooperative values to deliver clean energy on public and community buildings.

Working with UNISON, I won a living wage and fair terms and conditions for Reading care workers in the private sector.  I am proud to support Community Union’s manifesto for the self-employed. I also delivered the first new council housing to our area in a generation.

I’m standing

Many people have already told me they believe I am the candidate we need to win and hold the seat for Labour and when the time comes I will apply.

You can read more about why I’m standing elsewhere on this site, but do watch this short video here:

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