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It was a huge priviledge to serve as the Mayor of Reading from 2021 to 2023. We are a generous,
For the second year running Reading women marched together to 'Reclaim the Night' For the second year running we've held
I'm asking the current Tory MP, Alok Sharma MP, to support the abolition of non-dom tax status. Non-dom status is
Organisations that help people get the advice they need in tough times have never been more needed. At the Reading
I was immensely proud of our community last Saturday as we celebrated, protested and committed to continue to stand together
I was very proud to be the first Mayor (that we know of!) to "beat the bounds" of Reading since
The empathy and generosity of people in Reading has once again shone through during the Ukrainian war, which is absolutely
Rachel writes: "It is incrediably disappointing that despite pre-election promises that the Government has turned its back on a true
National bereavement charity Sue Ryder, which runs Sue Ryder Duchess of Kent Hospice in Reading, has called on the Government
I was furious last night that ALok Sharma and the majority of his Conservative colleagues voted against ensuring all our
Councillor Sophia James was the first black woman elected to public office in Reading. She is a wonderful advocate for